Making a page can be hard, especially if it is one of your first, here is a complete guide to making pages. Even if you use wikia a lot, there is some things in this that are specific to this wiki that you should follow, to find this easily look for the parts in BOLD.

Creating A Page

If you want to create a page, the easiest way is to go to the main page (clicking the logo at the top left) and going down to the "Create A Page" section, where you can input the title of your page and click the create button to create your page, however if your in a hurry click the Contribute button at the top right and click "Create A Page". This can be done anywhere on the wiki.

Make sure your page does not exist already.

Titling your page

If your page is an achievement, please add the game it appears in after the achievement title, in brackets, for example, if you wanted to make an achievement about the achievement "Taking Inventory", You would call the page "Taking Inventory (Minecraft)" without the "

Getting to grips with tools

Community Central Wikia has a guide to getting to grips with the many tools in page design.

Make sure to add the "Infobox Achievement" to any page about an achievement, and fill in the blank spaces correctly, if you do not know any of the spaces, then leave it blank, and another user should fill in those blanks.

Publishing your page

Always preview your page before posting, especially if you are new to wikias tools, any mistake will become clear on preview mode, if you are working on source editor (this is not recommended) make sure to go back to Visual Editor to make sure it looks OK, if you are using the new editor (likely) then you can just skip this part.

Make sure a page has the categories "Achievements". depending on the difficulty give the page any of these categories

  • Easy Achievements
  • Average Achievements
  • Difficult Achievements
  • Hard Achievements
  • Nightmare Achievements

If the game has a lot of achievements or it is pretty popular, it most likely has a category (eg: Minecraft Achievements) If not, feel free to make it, however make sure it does not have any grammar errors, or it will be deleted.